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Harnessing the Full Potential of Protein Degradation through Identification of Novel Targets

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Our Purpose

We are evolving targeted protein degradation to transform the landscape of drug discovery by utilizing the cell’s normal protein regulation systems to remove disease causing proteins that cannot be targeted by traditional approaches. The NExMods™ Platform (NEosubstrate Expression Modulators) represents a novel approach to “molecular glues” capable of delivering impactful medicines to patients across diverse therapeutic areas: oncology, immuno-oncology, fibrosis, inflammation, and neurodegeneration.


Our Approach

Targeted protein degradation represents a unique drug discovery approach to disrupt disease causing proteins, that are intractable to conventional therapeutics.

Sorting Medicine


f5 Therapeutics is advancing assets towards a diverse set of novel targets that will provide hope to patients who face limited treatment options.

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f5 Therapeutics was co-founded by experienced veterans of the healthcare industry with a proven track record of drug discovery execution and commercialization success.

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